Woken up to another tragic event. This time it’s upon the innocent little ones at Sandy Hook Elementary. Their minds hasn’t even fully developed to understand what just happened let alone know why did it happened. This hit close to me because I recently obtained my firearm for home protection this past weekend. I would never point a firearm at any living being unless I am in fear for my own life or those around me was in that sort of danger, so hearing kids at kindergarden age being gun down is just sick. Some suggested we should have stricter gun control & ban firearms. Here’s my take. I don’t think that’s the best way to go about this. Here is why, you have people that are mentally unstable, ill minded, and emotionally unstable. They can and will find a way to put others at harm regardless if it’s a firearm or a home made whatever.If we have to do that we will have regulate an endless list of items that you can obtain at the super market that can kill you. We won’t have any way of know the intent of what people are planning to do with what they purchase with their own money. I have a better solution. To find the root of this systemic problem we faced today and everyday. We have to look into our own lives and those around us. We need to seek out and help these individuals before this kind of out burst. Remember what you say to another person will most likely impact much more if you don’t know what’s really going on in their life. I am not saying you should tip toe around people, I am saying it’s not that hard to be a little nicer to people. It’s not too late to be a better person to those around you, because life isn’t always about you. My solution is to invest deeply into every person we encountered because life isn’t easy. Just think about that for a moment. my heart aches for those that are affected by this evil today. The nation is with you tonight.

sleepless night once again.

Before the iPod days. (Taken with Instagram)

the gathering. (Taken with Instagram)

keeping it real. (Taken with Instagram)

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你不明白。it’s an Asian thing. (Taken with Instagram at Asia Mart 中华超市)